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Helping individuals find their creative voice with clay.

San Diego Ceramic Connection is a fully outfitted ceramics studio where you can learn beginning through advanced techniques with stoneware, porcelain, hand building, wheel throwing, and glazing. San Diego Ceramic Connection also sponsors and holds regular events promoting pottery and the arts community in general.
2015 Community Chili Potluck

2015 Community Chili Potluck


A community CELEBRATION & fundraiser for McKinley Elementary

Saturday, December 5, 2015
1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Buy a bowl and warm it with neighborhood chili.

  • Buy a handmade ceramic bowl & SoNo Fest tasting card one day early for $20.
  • Sample the neighborhood chili.
  • Keep the bowl to use at SoNo Fest on Sunday the 6th… and beyond!

50% of proceeds will be donated to the McKinley Elementary School Arts & Language Program.

Bring a dish to share!

  1. Sign up here or in the McKinley office.
  2. Make chili or cornbread.
  3. Check in on Dec 5th 12:30-1pm with your labeled dish & utensils (put your name & phone no.)
  4. Eat, drink, vote and enjoy.
  5. Contest categories: Best Overall, Best Meat, Best Vegetarian, Most Unique Chilis; and Best Cornbread.
  6. Voting will end at 3pm, winners announced at 4 pm.
  7. The top winner (most votes across categories) will have the honor of being a restaurant chili judge at Sono Fest on Sunday, Dec 6th.

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Where is it?
San Diego Ceramic Connection
3216 Thorn St, San Diego, CA

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The Pottery Sale runs Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so come on by!



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2014 San Diego Ceramic Connection Chili Potluck Winners

2014 San Diego Ceramic Connection Chili Potluck Winners


Thanks to all those who came out to volunteer, contribute and taste the chili at the 18th Annual San Diego Ceramic Connection Chili Potluck. We had a total of 27 entries of cornbread and chili that came in both crock pots and stock pots totaling roughly 50 gallons! We are touched and proud of the support of our community and the dedication to making this event a success and to supporting our local McKinley Elementary School.

All of the chili and cornbread dishes were fresh and delicious…and there wasn’t a drop left by 4:00 pm. The chili champs are listed below; each first place winner was announced at the SoNo Fest and received a chili champ apron handmade by a McKinley grandparent just for this event. Honorable mentions were also announced and included Max and Larry, for their on-going dedication and support to this event and the community, and Carmen Costello for her entry in memory of a beloved McKinley teacher (Rittko Chocolate Chipotle Chili).

2014 San Diego Ceramic Connection Chili Potluck Champs

Best Ominivore (Meat) Chili

Winner: Brick Wall (91) Authentic turkey chili
Runner-up: Max and Larry (28) Spicy beef chili

Best Vegetarian Chili

Winner: Clint White (29) T-­32 Tempeh Chili made with all ingredients from Thorn St X 32nd St
Runner-up: Grant Ferrier (6) Sweet potato chili

Most Unique Chili

Winner: Theresa Talley (41) San Diego Fishermen’s Chili, made with catch of the week from Tuna Harbor fishermen
Runner-up: Max and Larry (30) Spicy beef chili

Best Overall Chili

Winner: Brick Wall (65) Authentic turkey chili
Runner-up: Max and Larry (48) Spicy beef chili

Best Cornbread

Winner: Sarah Scalo (19) Grace’s cornbread pudding
Runner-up: Tie: Fong Krause and Claudia Sinicrope (17) cornbread & spicy cheddar cornbread

Number of votes shown in (). Note: Not all people voted in all categories.

Thank you to everyone in the community who brought chili!


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