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2016 San Diego Ceramic Connection Chili Potluck Winners

2016 San Diego Ceramic Connection Chili Potluck Winners

December 7, 2016 10:08 pmComments are Disabled

Thanks to everyone who participated in the 20th Annual San Diego Ceramic Connection Community Chili Potluck! It was great to spend time together and sample the culinary talents in our neighborhood!

The winners were :

Best Overall Chili: Brick Wall for his Hit By a Wall Chili
Best Vegetarian Chili: Brekke Lowe for her Black Bean Chili
Most Unique Chili: Juliet Law and Anna Talley, McKinley Elementary 4th graders, for their Sono Sisters Dessert Chili
Best Cornbread: Sarah Scalo for her Grace’s Cornbread Pudding
The Overall Winner, for earning the most votes across all categories, was Alex Kim for his Cochinita Pibil Chili with Ancho Chili. 

Alex Kim will have the honor of being one of the Restaurant Chili Judges at the 2016 SoNo Fest.
Congratulations to all for a successful, fun event!

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