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studio-throwathonSan Diego Ceramic Connection
, a fully outfitted ceramics studio and gallery, was established in 1997 by Master Japanese potter, Kouta Shimazaki. The studio offers three-hour classes, six days a week, with an open studio every Friday for all students. Kouta teaches his unique Japanese techniques in pottery in a group setting with individual attention each session.


Facilities and Equipment:

High fire (cone 10) / reduction and oxidation
Low Fire / under and over glazes

24 high fire glazes
18 throwing wheels
3 electric kilns
2 gas kilns
1 Raku kiln
Airbrush booth
Slab roller
Adjacent gallery space (400 sf)

Studio Location:

3216 Thorn Street (Thorn and 32nd Ave.)
San Diego, CA 92104

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